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What should I read? This is a question I often get from students and while I often recommend books, I also like to be able to tell students where to find this out on their own. Here are a couple of cool websites where you can find read-alikes, books that are similar to a book you loved. Click on the links below and check them out!

What Should I Read Next?

Your Next Read

Online Databases

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We subscribe to three online databases. Each is linked above. Ask Mrs. Hamon what the usernames and passwords are to use them!

Media Teacher


Michelle Hamon

Genre Study

Different genres have different kinds of settings, conflicts, and characters. Here is a list of some of the genre you may be reading:       


Animal Stories                       

Award Winners            





Drama (Plays)



Fiction in Verse                       

Folklore/Fairy Tale

Historical Fiction





Realistic Fiction


Science Fiction

Short Stories

Tall Tale







Narrative Nonfiction


Iron Horse Library

Welcome back to school!

Thank you for visiting the library webpage. I hope you find all you need right here to function in our library. The link to the IHMS Library Catalog (you know, the spot you go to find your books) is to the left under "Links". You will be able to search up books, log in to your personal library account, put books on hold, renew books, read one of our new ebooks, etc. when you go into the catalog link. If you have questions, come visit me in the library or send me a Loop mail.

Happy searching!

Mrs. Hamon


Plagiarism - What You Need to Know

Plagiarism is a serious issue since it's basically theft. You cannot "borrow" or steal people's ideas without giving proper credit. It does not matter if you accidentally plagiarize, or if you do it intentionally. If you don't give credit where credit is due, you have plagiarized. End of story. You MUST cite sources within the body of your paper AND in your Works Cited...even if you've paraphrased the original source.

This link will take you to a quick video tutorial about the different types of plagiarism:

Need help with citations? Use these resources:


Purdue OWL

Mrs. Hamon in the library



Lunch Passes Going Paperless

In an effort to ensure that all students have access to a quiet place to work, read, or study at lunch, we require that each person visiting during that time have a hand stamped. Hands will get stamped in the morning before school or during break in the library. Our guidelines are as follows:

Be Kind

Be Honorable

Be Respectful

We depend on you to be honorable at all times and respectful of all students and staff who use the library.

It is important that you do not inconvenience, offend, or limit the rights of others who want to access print and online materials, read, study and enjoy the library.

Students must have a clear and appropriate purpose when they come to the library, including:

   •READ       •STUDY     •RESEARCH   •DO HOMEWORK                


Other people have the right to quiet so they can think. If you need noise to work, you may find another place.

8th Grade Civil War Sources

Click on the icon below for the Gale Resources

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Resources for Digital Images

Using digital images in your presentation will create interest and capture your audience's attention. You must cite all of your sources, even these. Use the "All 58 Options" tab on EasyBib to find the correct format for digital images. When possible, use pictures and videos you create. Finding copyright-free images is the next best bet. Below you will find a list of potential sites for those. If you use an image that is protected by copyright, you may not publish it on the web without permission, but may use it as fair use for education for reports that you turn into class.

The following links have links to MANY copyright friendly sites: