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Math Pathways

If you have questions about your child's math pathway through middle school and on into high school, please visit




Welcome to the Counseling Page!

Our mission as school counselors is to support academic achievement for ALL students. We do this by implementing the ASCA (American School Counseling Association) national developmental standards in the area of academic, personal/social and career domains.

If you want to make an appointment with your counselor, please email your student's counselor to make an appointment.



Kaitlyn LaBrie (Carreon) (A-L)

Devrah (Lawver) Laake (M-Z)

Jenny Bassett (M,W, F in the mornings)


Valerie Milat


Bella Lee

Summer Advancement Via Outside institution

Students are able to take courses to advance to a higher level course for the next year beginning in the spring each year. Please see the district website for more information.

Personal Learning Initiatives

As many of you are aware, the district is in the process of implementing Personalized Learning Options that focus on flexibility and options for middle and high school students.  While the majority of them will impact high school students, a few of them will affect middle school students and families.  Below are descriptions of the PLIs that could possibly impact your child next year.  


Six-Class Option:

WHAT: Students have the option of taking only six classes by not taking one of the elective options available to students. Students will have the choice of selecting from the following schedules: Periods 1-6 or Periods 2-7.

WHO: All middle school students.


Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE):

WHAT: Students qualifying for ISPE are either a) an exceptionally gifted athlete who is competing at the regional, state, or national competition level within the school year in an individual sport , b) have an impacted schedule due to a special academic support program, c)  wishes to take an advanced level PE course the school is not offering, or d)  is medically prohibited from participating in regular PE.

In all of these cases, the physical activity MUST be an individual sport (team sports are not permitted).

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Students in grade 7 will still be responsible for completing their Fitnessgram Tests. Parent/Guardian is not eligible to serve as instructor/coach. In addition, instructor/coach must carry proper liability insurance for the activity in which they are giving instruction.

WHO: All eligible middle school students must apply for approval.

HOW CAN MY STUDENT DO THIS: Fill out the application available on the district website (available in spring).


 World Language through Heritage Language Schools

WHAT: Students taking a language at an SRVUSD-approved Heritage Language School (current offerings include Silicon Andhra Mana Badi Telugu School, Chinese American Cooperation Council (CACC) School, and International Tamil Academy) will be able to use the classes for advancement purposes once they promote from eighth grade.  NOTE: Students will not receive credit toward high school graduation for any courses taken prior to promoting from eighth grade.  If the Heritage School language is offered at the student’s home school, Heritage credit will not be awarded on the high school transcript.  

WHO: All middle school students.

HOW CAN MY STUDENT DO THIS: Parents are responsible for enrolling their child into the Heritage School of their choice.   Students needing to be placed into a high school course (i.e., Chinese Mandarin) will be receiving additional information in the spring regarding deadlines and high school course placement processes.  

We believe that the implementation of these Personalized Learning Ideas will truly help to reduce student stress, and increase student flexibility and choice with their program of study.  Please visit the district’s web page regarding the PLIs should you desire additional information.

District Advancement Information

If you are interested in the information for advancement, visit the district website. Information will be updated in February.

Summer Imagineering Opportunities

Check out these Summer Imagineering courses offered by SRVEF.


Kids Teach Tech (1).pdf (PDF)

School Counselors help with a variety of challenges including (but not limited to):

  • Bullying
  • Academic Concerns
  • Conflicts with Friends
  • Changes at Home
  • Grief/Loss
  • Sexuality/LGBTQ
  • Depression
  • Suicidal Feelings
  • Anxiety
  • Cutting
  • Abuse
  • Cyberbullying
  • Cybersafety
  • Eating Disorders
  • Conflicts with Teachers
  • High School/College Plans
  • Conflicts with Parents
  • Illness
  • School Stress
  • Substance Use
Contra Costa Crisis Center

Crisis Center
The Contra Costa Crisis Center offers live chat services with counselors and is available 24/7.

Crisis and Suicide Hotline 800-833-2900



Grief Support Hotline 800-837-1818