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Living Skills

Living Skills classes at Iron Horse Middle School include the 6-week Wheel classes for 6th graders and the semester-long Living Skills I and II classes, available to all 7th and 8th graders.

Students in the Wheel classes will make a variety of foods from the food groups, learn about cooking techniques, use a variety of kitchen equipment, practice good safety procedures, and work in cooperative groups. Additional units include personal organization, menu planning, and personal nutrition.

Students in Living Skills I and II continue Wheel curriculum focusing on food preparation, manners, personal nutrition, restaurant reviews, and cooperative learning

Living Skills I emphasizes the importance of kitchen safety, introduction of basic kitchen utensils, and the proper use of equipment. Units include a Chocolate Chip Cookie Testing lab, Food in The News, and a wide variety of fun recipes that can be also be completed in the home kitchen. Ingredient knowledge and selection is also an emphasis of the class.

Living Skills II also includes a unit on ethnic foods that allows students to explore a variety of world cultures.  Students will learn about table etiquette, spices, cheeses, and food choices from a variety of different countries.  Students will work in collaborative groups to prepare a variety of recipes from each culture. Ingredient knowledge and selection is also an emphasis of the class.

  Brian Rouillard Living Skills